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Art and Sound

A Marbella DJ for art gallery must have experience and, in addition, know the artwork and its artist.

Hitting the background music of an art exhibition is a matter of human and artistic connection.

The best museums and art galleries use the sound component to ensure the visitor to perceive a unique sensory experience. This is achieved by combining the senses of sight and hearing in the same place.

In this way, the background music or ambient music in an art exhibition plays an essential role. Thanks to the music effect on listener, the artist’s work remains embedded into the viewer’s mind.

The objective of all this it is just to ensure that the exhibition is successful and the spectators are eager to acquire the artworks.

This new technique – to hire a DJ for exhibition  – is a subliminal way of selling all kind of art expressions such as paintings, sculptures, photographic art, video and digital art, urban art and street art. There are also international museums that use background music to create an environment according to the exhibition they present to the public. Therefore, music can play a very important role in the success of your exhibition.


Create a unique sound landscape

We are experienced in setting music for opening of art exhibitions, performances and all kinds of artistic expression.We understand that, to create a unique sound scene, we must connect with the gallery, the artist and the artwork.Therefore, if you are looking for a DJ in Marbella for an art or performance gallery, we cheer you up to contact us and tell us about your art project.

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Dj en Marbella para galería de arte